E3 2018 – Games Make You Crazy


E3 2018 is still on going. We can see serval 3A games in the Expo.

Anthem: It is a RPG and action game in a shared world. You will be a freelancer in the game, and you have to collect materials and learn skills to make “Javelins”. When you wear the Javelin, you will become hero, like Iron Man, and then you get the ability to explore the world.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Before the E3, there was news read that Shadow of the Tomb Raider would be released this year. It is a restart of Tomb Raider series. The appearance of Lara is obviously changed to the image of Lara in origin version.
Players should challenge Maya civilization and save the world under the guide of Miracle.

Battlefield V: MS gives the demo of it and show a CG trailer in E3 2018. It introduced the story of a girl named Nordlys. The war story in the single mode will still describe the story of several charactors, which is based on the WW II.

Besides the game above, there are also other amazing games in E3 2018, like Call of Cuty: Black Ops 4. Click E3 2018 to pre order the games mentioned above.

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