For The King – A Roguelike RPG Game


For The King is a cross-domain strategic RPG game that combines board games and roguelike type elements. A single or multi-player gaming experience can be played online and on a stand-alone basis.

At first glance, such a cute style of painting makes it like a casual adventure game. For The King light is enough to attract people. In the background setting of the game, the king was killed by an unknown killer. Everything that was once peaceful has become chaotic in the blink of an eye. Without any retreat, Her Majesty has appealed to all citizens in despair. She urged all citizens to unite and stop the upcoming wave of doom. Whether it’s a single-player game, a local game or an online collaboration, summon your teammates to the battlefield. You can choose to group actions, cover more areas, or group out to protect the safety of each team member. A flawless strategy is often the key to governing your life and death.

Every level of For The King is unique in its program maps, missions and events. Courage is the element of success. Courage leads us to defeat the evil beasts and face the darkness. No one can return safely from the journey. Can you be a warrior who stops all chaos and turmoil?

In this tight-paced, cruel turn-based battle, defeat the enemy with a unique turn-based system! Collect different herbs to heal your wound disease, build a safe and sturdy camp, and overcome the fear of the night.

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