Overcooked 2 – Challenge Your Tolerance


Overcooked 2 teaches me an important lesson: Gordon Ramsay is very easy. I mean, of course, this terrible chef had to endure a lot of time in his time: angry customers, incompetent staff and messy kitchen, but he used to have to cook with a hot air balloon in the storm?

Unsurprisingly, the developer Ghost Town Games didn’t really mess up the original Overcooked. It’s still crazy. Sometimes it still frustrates you, but most importantly, you may not find any more valuable and downright fun for a long time.

Overcooked 2 adds some subtle but influential wrinkles to the original polishing paradigm. You will still struggle with the clock’s perennial ticks in the lower right corner of the screen, but the movements flow faster. For beginners, you can now promote the ingredients on the screen to your partner, in addition to raising serious food hygiene issues (three seconds rule is cursed), keeping the pace fast – actually becoming an important tool in the later stages. I am slightly I will come later.

You will still be rushing to this place like a madman. Cheese, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken and beef all need to be chopped; and burgers, pizza dough, bread, etc. need to be cooked. In fact, controlling chaos would be a good way to describe overcooked 2. My kitchen is sometimes a bloody mess – dirty dishes piled up, random gr gr lying on the floor, food creaking – but I never feel like I didn’t have the power to surprise you. This is the beauty of Overcooked 2.

No matter how arrogant the situation is, if you want to control your controller through the TV screen, it will not feel unfair or overwhelming. Yes, you will be angry, but more is your own mistake.

At the end of the day, Overcooked 2 is almost your expectation of a sequel. Its core foundation is as arrogant and thoroughly entertaining as it has always been, but the extra parts and explosions that mix together keep things fresh, crazy, and help to add a more detailed and tactical advantage to the action. Single-player games aren’t as interesting as cooperatives, but thanks to the internet, you find a person who helps you cut sausages and possibly burn the whole place without any trouble.

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