Hitman 2 – Try All Means to Assassinate


Warner Bros and Hitman series developer IO Interactive announced Hitman 2 would be released on the PC platform on November 13.

Hitman 2 will have a new, sandbox world with lifelike details and rich details, and a vibrant and lively world awaits you to explore. In Hitman 2, players are free to customize their assassination plan. Players can use a variety of tools, weapons, makeup, and stealth techniques to create their unique assassination process.

Hitman 2 will lead players through a global tour where players can visit many countries, including the vibrant Miami. The scenes in the game are also rich and varied. From the streets bathed in the sun to the dark and dangerous tropical rainforest, each location is intricate. Players can explore and discover in different ways, providing unparalleled depth of play.

Hitman 2 will continue the thrilling adventure of the ultimate spy. Players will play “Agent 47”, your mission is to assassinate the “Shadow Client”, and destroy his army. However, when “Agent 47” learned about the hidden truth about his past, everything became different…

Hitman 2 will introduce a new gameplay “Sniper Assassin” mode, which is an independent mode. And the Hitman 2 series is the first to introduce online cooperative gameplay, in which two players can collaborate online to eliminate their goals. . In addition, the “Sniper Assassin” mode can also be played by a single player.

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