INSOMNIA: The Ark – Don’t Miss the Great Sci-fi Game


Recommend a sci-fi style RPG game: INSOMNIA: The Ark. It contains various elements such as action, shooting, and exploration, and is set in the future world. The protagonist of the player will explore the space station on the 6th and discover the secrets hidden here. You can collect materials to make weapons and props to strengthen yourself. The game has a solid non-linear story, and your actions will affect the whole world, leading to different endings.

Background description

INSOMNIA: The Ark is produced by “Studio MONO” and released by “HeroCraft”. The game uses dystopian style and is set in the future world. Humans have made great progress in space exploration. The protagonist played by the player activates the Object 6 space station and you will explore the secrets of the space station. You can join different factions, interact with local NPCs, accept missions, and build weapons and equipment to join the battle.

Game features

INSOMNIA: The Ark is a story-rich sci-fi wind role-playing game
Players will travel to Space Station 6 to explore and discover the secrets of the event and unravel the truth of the event.
Dark art style with jazz makes the whole game full of mystery
Exploration is fun, but it is also dangerous, please beware of dangerous enemies
In order to protect yourself, you need reliable equipment. And the game supports DIY your own equipment.
Players are free to choose between melee and ranged weapons, as well as powerful combat armor for you to use.
You can also interact with local NPCs, join factions, and complete their mission assignments.
The game has intricate plots, your behavior will affect the perception of the NPC, and even affect the entire ending


– The picture is not refined enough.
– Too few tips to go to next plot.
– Optimization of the game is still insufficient.
– There will be situations where the mouse doesn’t follow your hand.

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