Jagged Alliance: Rage! – Control the Enemy to Help You


As a series of new works, Jagged Alliance: Rage! will return the classic characters Ivan Dolvich, Helmut “Grunty” Grunther, Charlene “Raven” Higgins in the series. This will include the multi-player mode of co-op for two people. It tells a story of exclusive adventure part. And will also be added to the unique system design familiar to many modern players. The game lasts more than 20 hours.

Introduced in 1996, the Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, is a turn-based strategy game with bird-view. Players will lead their own mercenary group to challenge various missions, and move soldiers to fight on the level in their own rounds during the battle. They should use the unique stunts of each soldier to defeat the enemy to win; due to the rich strategic and gameplay, it was highly praised after its launch. However, as the developers announced the closure, it also made this series of masterpieces completely unreported.

In this latest series of official announcements, the world view of 20 years will be used as a stage, and the design of the game system will also inherit the generation of design, including Ivan Dolvich, Helmut Grunther, Kyle Simmons and other series. The popular characters that fans are familiar with are re-listed to describe their 20 years of experience, in order not to let themselves continue to live a life of depression, they decided to regroup and launch new challenges and adventures!

Game features:

Double cooperation mode
Deep adventure turn-based game experience with adventure elements,
from sneak to positive confrontation, game strategy is your choice
Powerful character customization system
Rich character skill selection
Strong opponents
Command a large number of troops to fight with you
Use Experimental drugs to operate the enemy to fight for you.

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