Just Cause 4 – Boom Boom Boom in the First- Person Angle


The Just Cause 4, developed by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios, is the ultimate evolution of the series. It not only creates a new engine APEX (which is also used to develop Rage 2) but also enhances things like PBR. Characters no longer experience the game quality of the paper-like feeling, and the change of the dull and monotonous environment into the swamp, snow-capped mountains, deserts, jungles and other geographical environments, and the addition of a large number of vehicles capable of filling the airport, as well as air cannons, laser missiles, etc. These weapons can even be manipulated in the first person perspective.

In this game, the player can choose 7 pilots. Each pilot (the two pilots automatically unlock the game at the beginning of the game) has their own unique airdrop weapon.

In addition, the game also includes super-disasters such as snowstorms, thunder and lightning, tornadoes, etc. These disasters not only hurt the protagonist, but also hurt the enemy. Using these can make you fly higher (such as being caught by lightning, it will heat the surrounding air to let you The hang gliding flies higher, or better against the enemy (such as guiding the lightning to blow up the enemy base).

The game completely revolutionizes the physics engine. You can control the vehicle in a first-person perspective, you can also choose seats, and rob others’ vehicles. Each vehicle can play radio music, even cranes.

The control of the vehicle will vary depending on the type, and the control of the vehicle is more like a racing game.

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