X4: Foundations – Explore the Unknown Universe


X4: Foundations, the sequel to the successful X Series brings us the most subtle cosmic simulations. Manage an empire or explore the universe from a first perspective.

Free to personally drive all the ships:

X4 will allow you to drive all the ships in person. From small reconnaissance aircraft the largest aircraft carrier, everything can be manipulated from the cockpit or from an external perspective. A major focus in the X4 development is the seamless and immersive experience of changing the spacecraft.

Modular space station and spacecraft upgrade:

Building space stations and factories is always one of the cornerstones of X games. After accumulating enough money in flight and trade, most players will want to build their own economy and begin to influence the universe extensively. In X4, complete freedom and creativity will be possible. The space station will consist of a large number of modules, production modules, living areas, decks, etc. The new powerful map system lets you drag and drop modules and use the connection system to unleash your unique creativity. The spacecraft also contains a large number of upgrades. Engines, weapons, and other equipment can be added to a graphic designer, and of course they will actually be displayed on the spacecraft.

The most flexible X universe ever:

The X4 will be the first X-game to allow races and forces to freely build and expand their empire. They will have the same flexibility as the player, creatively designing the space station with modular building blocks. Each race expands the empire according to its own supply and demand, bringing an extremely dynamic universe.

The most nuanced X economy system ever:

One of the most important selling points of X games is the imaginary economy. The goods are produced by hundreds of space stations, transported by thousands of spaceships, and traded by NPCs. Price changes are based on a simulated economy. This is the foundation of the universe we live on. Now in X4, we have sold a big step. For the first time in the X game, every part of the NPC economy was produced by using resources. Spaceships, weapons, upgraded parts, ammunition and even space stations, whatever you want, everything comes from the simulated economic system.

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