Ride 3 – Moto Paradise Added


Created by Unreal Engine 4, Ride 3 will bring the most realistic picture quality to the collection. This game includes 30 tracks, including GP and Supermoto authorized tracks, as well as urban and rural tracks.

In addition, it will have more than 230 cool motor racing cars including BMW, Ducati, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and many other brands, and offers more than 500 racing customization options.

In the new work, there is a road in the Lake Garda in Italy called “Strada della Forra”. In order to truly restore the beautiful scenery here, Milestone uses the drone to perform aerial photography of the area and obtain enough data in Ride 3. And it was restored with extremely high precision.

Strada della Forra is also known as “Moto Paradise”, so manufacturers also want to make this road perfect. Ride 3 is the first game in the series to be built with Unreal Engine 4, which makes this game a huge improvement in image quality compared to its predecessor. In addition, it also has a re-made career model, uniform version, 500 adjustable motorcycle parts and various quality optimizations.

Ride 3 will also have day and night scenes and rainy days. It is also worth mentioning that Ride 3 will be added to the new Livery Editor, allowing players to customize the driver more freely.

Not only that, Ride 3 will also bring enhanced AI, new physical effects and an updated collision detection system. The development team also used drones to scan real tracks to achieve the most realistic reduction.

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