Joystiq Streams: Forward into the Titanfall PC beta [Relive the stream!]


Into the valley of death rode the 600! Actually just the six. Titanfall is still a few weeks away from release but the Joystiq Troopers are amongst the many honing their skills in the Xbox One and PC betas currently underway.

Last Thursday, Joystiq Streams brought you a look at Titanfall on Xbox One. This week, we head into the PC version. A six-man Joystiq squad has been assembled, including Alexander “Doc” Sliwinski, Xav “Yukon” De Matos, Sam “Snake Eyes” Prell, Sinan “Union Jack” Kubba, Dave “Le Rock” Hinkle, and Richard “The” Mitchell.

These brave souls will take to their Titans at 4PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Come watch and chat with us then.


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