Party Hard 2 – Interesting Strategy Game


Party Hard 2 is a sequel to the pixel stealth strategy game Party Hard. It is created by Pinokl Games and tinyBuild. In order to bring players a different gaming experience, Party Hard 2 uses a brand new engine. The picture performance and main gameplay are refreshing. And the new story is also worthy of everyone’s expectations.

Connoisseur Reviews

It is a superb crime theme game. All kinds of assassinations and all kinds of environmental killings can be used to achieve the purpose of the level. Sometimes it is need more to quickly hide the body and escape from the scene to avoid being discovered, or trigger some level-specific conditions. It is a super-burning time game.

Game features

Party Hard 2 uses a brand new engine, the game has a refreshing picture performance and more new ways to play. Based on a new engine, the game brings a 3D environment that meets physical performance and real-time shading. It incorporates 2D characters into the modeling of the 3D environment, bringing a unique depth effect.

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