Farm Together – Take the Control of Whole Farm


Farm Together is a unique third-person simulation game. Unlike previous farm simulation games, in this game you will control a farmer to do all sorts of things, and work with friends on your carefully crafted farm to develop in the way you like.

Plant your own farm or work with your friends in this unique, relaxing agricultural simulation.

Farm Together is created and distributed independently by Milkstone Studios. Players no longer operate your farm in the form of a general commander, but play a role to personally plant valuable crops for each piece of land carefully care for them.

A small storyline guides the development of a nonlinear plot.

You and your friends will get the best agricultural experience, animal husbandry, and food. In the farthest places in your eyes, plant the most valuable products. And take care of animals that can bring you high returns.

Of course, you can use your hard earned money to set new buildings or unlock more developable projects.

Manage your farm alone, only allow your friends to enter, or open to all netizens.

You will be able to manage your farm together. A simple new system that allows you to limit the behavior of other entrants.
So you don’t have to worry about being messed up by other people on your farm.

The game is different from the same type of farm simulation game. It no longer manages your own farm in a macro way, but a nuanced avatar farmer takes care of every acre.

What is more shared is that you can invite your friends to manage the farm together. Every online player will have their own land. You can visit, communicate, and be friends.

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