Slime Rancher – The Most Adorable Slime You Have Never Seen


Slime Rancher is a first-person sandbox game based on slime. Slime is definitely one of the most classic monsters in the game world. It is often found in various games. The game uses a cartoon style, making the whole picture style very interesting. The colorful slime are particularly adorable in the game. The background of the story is set on a planet a thousand light-years away from the Earth. The main character of the game, Beatrix LeBeau, is a brave and young farmer. Her task is to deal with various slimes every day to benefit her farm.

Game content

In the game, the player will play the role of Beatrix LeBeau, a courageous young rancher who tries to create wealth through slime with her own hands on the margins of a thousand light years from Earth. Players need to use a vacuum cleaner to conquer Slim, and to breed and profit, while also guarding against the difficult Slim army.


There is only one vacuum cleaner on the player’s hand. However, this vacuum cleaner has the ability to absorb, shell and pack. And it can easily inhale the unrooted things on the ground and explode in one fell swoop.

Every day in the game brings a new challenge to the player. Players can get huge benefits by captive slime, but captivity is not an easy task. Players need to water the vegetables, because some slime is vegetarian, but you also need to catch chicken to meet the needs of another part of the non-vegetarian three meals.

Game strategy

Regarding the slime synthesis, both compositions are OK. Don’t have three different slime smelts. Gray Slim will appear. The results should be understood. And the gray slime will scare other slimes.

Regarding the opening of the first farm, it is recommended to open the farm on the left side. Naturally, there will be chickens and tomatoes (which are not known anyway). It is very helpful for you in the early stage. If you can, pay more attention to it. There are a lot of trades in the trading machine. For example, if you want to take 2 ore, 2 fireflies, 4 green dragonflies, you will get a lot of resources (if the resources are not enough, you can go out and grab)
Grey slime

After it appears, you can suck it up and launch it in the first time. He will have the frequency of attack not to continue to drop blood. Just let him not hit it and it will be fine.

About the ocean

Don’t fall, any things going down will die.
The strawberry picks up the address above the small island of Green Slim. It is on a branch that stretches out over the cliff and can be sucked with a gun.
The radish picks up and just sees the ordinary green slime. A small high platform can jump over and there is a way to go. At the end of the upper platform is the top.
The three kings of Slim can be fed, and they will explode after feeding.

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