Call of Cthulhu – The Good Choice for Fans of Cthulhu


2018 is a very exciting year for fans of Cthulhu. This year, two Cthulhu games will be released, one of which is the RPG game Call of Cthulhu developed by Cyanide.

Recently, Cyanide’s chief level designer Romain Wiart revealed some details in an interview with the official PlayStation magazine. He said that the Call of Cthulhu main line takes about 12-15 hours. He also explains the rational value mechanism in the game, and how it contributes to the length of the game.

Quite simply, as in a novel or a pen-paper RPG, your sanity will drop, as it is in this book. So the only control you have is a small amount of sanity. By making the right choices, the better you run, the higher your sense are. So that you can control your will at the end of the game.

The game will end up with multiple endings (more than 2). But if your irrational value increases, then you will have fewer endings and fewer choices because your character won’t make a reasonable choice.

The choice will affect the ending of the story, but it will also affect other parts of the game. In the mission, some paths cannot be used because of your endurance creation, your skills, and the way you do things. Your choices also turn off other methods while opening new ways.

You can replay and choose other ways, but you will experience the same story. How to play is not the key, because there are more things to discover in the game. If you only do the main line, about 12-15 hours. But there is a lot of other content in the game, the actual length is longer than this.

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