The Forest – A Excellent Sandbox Survival Game


The Forest tells the story of a loving father. You are sitting on the plane with your son and enjoying the family holiday. Due to unknown reasons, the plane suddenly fluctuated strongly, breaking into two pieces from the middle and crashing onto an unnamed island. In the midst of it, you saw that your son was taken away by a naked savage.

After you wake up, look at the wreckage in front of you and the flight attendant who was killed by the fire axe in front of you. It is surrounded by towering trees. You started the journey of looking for your son on this island.

Under the general trend that survival games are generally not good for novice tutorials, The Forest chooses a very modest way to guide players how to start from scratch. The novice tutorials and tech menus are presented in a book of survival adventure guides. . The book explains in detail the three steps of “surviving, building a house, looking for food and drink”. After ensuring that the player does not starve to death, the guidelines will come to an abrupt end. The island looks like it is the long-term goal of customs clearance. How to explore the island, develop technology, and look for your son while surviving requires the player to explore and experiment a little bit.

In addition to collecting natural resources construction infrastructure such as vegetation, stone, and animal materials, players can also find baggage dropped during the crash and some camps where other passengers have lived in the island to obtain some similar tapes. Modern materials such as batteries and wine. These resources are displayed in a synthetic interface made up of picnic blankets. The synthetic system is basically an alternative equipment manufacturing interface. Apart from armor and weapons, you can’t do anything else by collecting resources. As the players collect more and more things, the things on the picnic blankets become more and more complicated. In addition, the overall tone of the game is dark, and in the face of a chaotic synthetic interface, there are often cases where it is impossible to accurately find the manufactured items.

Reasonable resource management is usually a very important part of the sandbox survival game. The Forest also has hunger, satiety, life, energy and other values ​​that you need to pay attention to. But in addition to no blood will die, no energy can not run, other resources have little effect on the role, and are relatively easy to obtain, under normal difficulty, just need to just eat a piece of meat to eat enough to cope with a day of hunger. The basic needs of satiety are easy to satisfy, and it does not mean that The Forest is a simple survival game. There is a cannibal tribe on this island. When the savage discovers the player, he will track and observe you for a while, and suddenly attack when you are not paying attention.

Fighting is generally not difficult, but the AI ​​of these enemies always seems erratic, often starting to escape or launch an attack without warning, and it is difficult to predict what these enemies are doing and what they want to do. Whenever the player attacks him, the savage will be very flexible to dodge, and when the offense and defense are interchanged, the player does not have much means to effectively resist the savage attack. When you are alone in the face of multiple enemies, there are often cases where a few savage are besieged and attacked, and you are struggling to cope directly with the street.

On the other hand, the savage is also a very useful material. After defeating them, the player can fight it to the fire for burning. After a while, the body will become a few bones for making various weapons and Armor

After death does not mean that you need to restart, and the player will be dragged into the underground cave by the savage in a coma. This underground cave is the most characteristic of The Forest compared to other survival games. The cave is well-connected and the passage runs through the island. Players can find hidden entrances to the caves everywhere on the island. The cave is the most important place to live and refresh the wild people. Most of the passengers and resources on the plane were looted by the wild people, so the powerful survival props can only be obtained in the cave.

All the elements in the game will push the player to the cave from time to time. For whatever reason, the cave is a part of the inevitable experience in the game. In this most important area, the production team does it. The content is actually not satisfactory.

There is no light in the hole, and you can’t see your fingers clearly. The player can barely get a little light through the nuclear lighter in his hand. Even in the case of the highest brightness, the light of the lighter can only illuminate a very small part of the line of sight. You are shrouded in darkness and need to be careful anytime, always alert to enemies that may have come from unknown places. This kind of sweaty tension spreads through the entire process of the cave and is very enjoyable. In order to highlight the tense atmosphere, the production team also let the lighter turn off a few times from time to time, so that the player completely loses the visual ability. If there is a malfunction in your lighter just in the battle, then the darkness that comes with it will be fatal.

Complex terrain and dark environments mean that players are very easy to get lost in it, and more desperate than getting lost is no maps in caves. There are no signs and guidelines in The Forest. You can only remember every route in the crypt by your excellent memory, and this is basically impossible. In the process of playing, I lost nearly one-third of the expedition process, and it is very easy to interrupt the step of the game. This kind of burning in the dark is very annoying.

The Forest is a very distinctive piece, its excellent shaping of the atmosphere allows players to feel nervous and oppressive throughout the process. However, too complex underground design and paradox of enemy AI makes it difficult for you to find the fun of the game in tension. If you love the sandbox survival game, try this game, maybe it will bring you a new experience different from other similar games.

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