Windborne adventure and Starwhal fencing flip to Steam Early Access


Both Starwhal: Just the Tip and Windborne recently landed on Steam’s Early Access service yesterday. Windborne, a sandbox adventure game from Counter Stike: GO and Defense Grid 2 developer Hidden Path Entertainment, is 20 percent off ($23.99) on the service until February 24.

Starwhal, the narwhal fencing game set in outer space, earned $24,450 CAD ($22,294 USD) on Kickstarter in late December. The game comes from indie developer Breakfall, who will bring the game to PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U and PS4. Breakfall is hoping to carry Starwhal over to Ouya and Xbox One as well. As for Hidden Path, the developer is also partnering with Harmonix to create the recently-revealed Chroma, a free-to-play rhythmic FPS.


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