American Truck Simulator: Oregon – Enjoy the Scenery


SCS Software has released the new content – American Truck Simulator: Oregon!

American Truck Simulator is a simulated transportation game produced by SCS Software. In this game, players need to drive American trucks to transport goods like a real truck dirver. In the process, they must ensure that they obey the traffic rules, maintain a uniform speed, deliver on time and rely on their own driving skills to accurately park the trucks to the warehouse.

The map used in the game is Google Maps. Players can also drive a variety of American trucks and enjoy North American landmarks on the highway.

American Truck Simulator has been released for two years, for the SCS software development team, this is a very tense and difficult period. And now, the original developers has increased from 4 to nearly 40. The developers understand that fans are waiting for more new contents and features, so they have been working hard to speed up their release.

And there comes the new DLC – American Truck Simulator: Oregon!

Developers are always interested in new areas, not just a new area, but almost entirely new terrain and nature. There are lush forests, as well as a huge number of low shrubs, quiet lakes, wide rivers, mountains and volcanoes.

Of course, natural diversity is reflected in population and industrial scale. We can say that local industries that are commensurate with the current situation of Oregon will expand the domestic economy, such as traditional sawmill industry and furniture industry.

With the release of this new DLC, American Truck Simulator – Oregon, players will be able to drive a american truck on the land of Oregon. you can complete a series of tasks while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. The exciting game process will never let you down, so come to Gamesdeal and download it!


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