Fallout 76–Struggle and Get Victory in Reclamation Day, 2102

Fallout 76–Struggle and Get Victory in Reclamation Day, 2102


Bethesda has announced in E3 2018 that there would be a new “fallout” series coming in this year. It is the fallout 76.

According to the news, it is a full online game. The story is the prequel to the former series. The game requests players make teamwork, but it is OK if you want to play the game alone. The task for players is unlock the final weapon nuclear bomb. The game map is several times than past fallout, and completely new lighting effect makes players see more details.

The official hopes to bring multi-player experience to Fallout world. To realize it, they adds brand new graph, Illumination, and landscape technologies and set up the largest dynamic world among fallout series. The map includes 6 district in West Virginia. Players will get different adventure and rewards from different areas. The story set in the Appalachian Mountains in 20 years, and based on many Virginia culture.

Game Feature of Fallout 76

New American Dream

Thanks to C.A.M.P, the whole world becomes your working table. Using C.A.M.P, players are able to make shelters, materials and even stores to to exchange what you want. But be careful, it is not a place that people will live with each other in peace.

Atom Power

Players should get the power to use nuclear bomb. Atomic bomber will generate rare materials. Players need to choose protect the power or let it bomb.

Can not help playing it? Pre order fallout 76 and it will be released on 14th, November 2018.

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