The Crew 2 – Breaking the Traditional Racing Mode


The Crew 2 is vastly different from the former one. It brings more gameplays and better experience. When other developers show racing games to get the game marketing, the Crew 2 subverts traditional racing game mode. Let’s check the resolution and progress Ubisoft making on the racing game.

The importance of driver increased

Believing that players who have played Beta tests can begin to realize that one of the major changes to the sequel is to allow us to create a character who represents ourselves. As you know that most normal racing games always adhere to the concept of “drivers are just foil.” Forza Horizon’s series and Froza 7 provide simple rider customization. And Need for Speed describes a fixed protagonist in the story.

The Crew 2 directly breaks the tradition, not only providing a role with “face” rather than a driver’s role with mask. The player even enjoys own “apartment.” You can go back to your apartment and take a walk in the apartment.

It is interesting that the Crew 2 directly breaks the tradition mode, not only providing a role with “face” rather than that of a mask. The role even enjoys its own “apartment.” You can go back to your apartment and take a walk in the apartment.

What’s more, you can also buy clothing for your character. Not simply switching to a full set of driver’s clothing, but a variety of custom items that contain various parts. The vehicle may be the key to the competition. However, the “person” is the soul of the vehicle. Of course, this is also related to the theme of the sequel, because the production team hopes to create a game for the players rather than a pure racing.

More detailed map of the United States

The maps’ “big” and “pleasing” are two different things because the texture maps are just passable so that make it difficult to enjoy a view of the roadside, although players can roam in big cities and landmarks.

The same framework was applied to the second generation. Even if it can still be seen that it is difficult to take into account too many details under a large area, at least after driving in the high-rise buildings, the village rivers and the canyon plains, the US becomes no longer fake. Because the details on the map, whether the architecture or natural scenery, have become more detailed and realistic. What is even better is that the second generation has two new ways to look at the United States: landscape and sky.

Targets and races that born for racing

Like the past series, the Crew 2 not only includes the entire US map for players to run but also offers a wide variety of racing events. The only difference is that this event includes planes, speedboats and vehicles. All in all, the player aims to start from nobody and become somebody.

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