Frostpunk-Making a Choice for Survival


The story of Frostpunk begins in a desolately beautiful era. As a leader, the all you should do is to help your group survive the frost age.

Just like some simulation, and strategy game, you need to exploit and expand, but the different and interesting feature is that you have to make a choice to enhance the satisfaction of people, which decides whether the game clear or game over.

However, in this game, almost every problem is like “Trolley Problem”. You have to discard some people to get satisfaction, or you get satisfaction but lose the opportunity to get a better life for group. It is really a challenge for players to make a decision when face such tough test of your ethic, morality and principle. Its exquisite graphic, bleak bgm, and great gameplay get lots of good reviews, but there is no game perfect. The content is not enough to play for a long time, super simple game guiding, and stuttering while more buildings set up.

In general, it is a game that worth trying. You will enjoy its bleakness, the process of problems solving, etc. Struggle to survive the Frostpunk now!

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