Resident Evil 2 Remake – A Different Resident Evil 2


Story Difference

Resident Evil 2 Remake will contain 2 mainline plots. Unlike the original version, the remake version will remove the character’s A/B chapter. And the Resident Evil 2 Remake’s main line will be linear, avoiding the original repetitive feeling.

Each character in the original version has two sides of AB. According to the order of playing, the plot is also different. It was a very amazing setting. But many years have passed, and everyone has seen more games. This kind of gameplay with a lot of repetitive feelings is not very good, so integrating it into two main lines is more in line with the tastes of today’s players.

The mainline has been simplified to make the game more concise by eliminating the A/B chapters. It integrates the events of the character A and B scenes into one story. Nowadays, players want the kind of nervous/deep story experience, and expanding the story to 4 scenes will make the story weak. In order to see the whole content of the game, it will be repeated several times. So there will be repeated scenes. Therefore, there are only two main lines, and we still show the story events of each character instead of breaking into small segments.

Difficulty Difference

Resident Evil 2 Remake will introduce dynamic difficulty. Game producer revealed that compared to the original, the difficulty of the game in the remake will be changing with the player’s performance. No matter how good the player plays, it will make the player feel terrible. And nervous.

This change is a bit difficult to evaluate. Since the Resident Evil 4, the dynamic difficulty is a traditional one. Indeed, as a horror game, it is important to have a sense of terror regardless of the player’s level. But this will also make the good players who play well have no sense of accomplishment, and can be easily used, such as suicide once in order to reduce the difficulty.

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